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What was once radical and daring is getting increasingly mainstream. We will soon be living in a world where it is normal that Morphosis builds US government buildings, Daniel Libeskind builds condominiums, Zaha Hadid actually builds in London and Frank Gehry builds everything else. See for yourself on the ArBITAT FutureWatch list, an always evolving collection of over a hundred interesting projects with links to project sites. The future never looked better... (go to ArBITAT FutureWatch)

Updated 23 August 2005


ArBITAT Construction Reports
Why wait until the building is finished if you don't have to. ArBITAT Construction Reports are a continuing visual guide of current and recent construction projects allowing you to see tomorrow today, a chance to see how some of the buildings you'll be talking about in the future were put together. Current projects include Seven World Trade Center, Jean Nouvel's Guthrie Theatre andNorman Foster's Hearst Tower in Manhattan... (go to ArBITAT Construction Reports main page)

Xefirotarch Canopy at P.S.1 in Queens
Through September 2005, a canopy designed by Xefirotarch will be on view at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island, Queens, New York. P.S.1 sponsors an annual Young Architects Program, a competition for a courtyard canopy for their museum with a total budget of $60,000 USD. This year's Young Architects Program consisted of seventeen candidates (nominated by a group of experts, curators and editors), which are then reduced to a pool of five from where a winner is chosen.,... (go to article)

Nomadic Museum
Shigeru Ban's first major building in New York City lasted only four months. The Nomadic Museum is a, well, nomadic museum, one that can be easily taken apart and rebuilt in different places. The walls on the building are created from stacked and staggered shipping containers, with paper tube columns and a fabric ceiling- the building and its contents are easily assembled and desassembled and then shipped in the same shipping containers that make up the walls.... (go to article)

Snohetta's WTC Museum Complex
The World Trade Center's new Museum Complex will feature the International Freedom Center and the Drawing Center on the only above ground structure in the new World Trade Center Memorial's mini super block. Models of the new Snohetta designed building (as well as a new sectional model of the WTC Memorial) went on display at the Winter Garden in late Spring 2005... (go to ArBITAT WTC Archive)

My Architect

Silence and light and three different families. Legendary architect Louis I. Kahn is both worshipped and questioned in the new film My Architect, starring and directed by Louis' illegitimate son Nathaniel Kahn. The entire film becomes a personal quest to reconcile the acclaimed architect with a real man who lived such a terribly flawed life. ... (go to review)



Slideshows, Commentaries and Images of the past, present and future of the World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan.

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Summer is a great time to spend your valuable free time thinking about why you shouldn't be doing prison work, the best was to display art in Calgary next year, how to make that damn life jacket just a bit more comfortable and just what to do about an abandoned, hundred story reinforced concrete pyramid in North Korea. Somewhere in your Keitai City lifestyle there must be a competition for you...

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Updated 3 July 2005

Now looks like a great time to relive your youth. In Montreal you can imagine architectural worlds built with Legos, while in Washington DC you can go to a museum to see instruments that people use to draw pretty pictures with. Even Australia is getting into the spirit of things, with an exhibit of futuristic houses in enough materials to make the big bad wolf happy (you just know he would just love to take a shot at that paper house). If all that is just a little too juvenile for you, there's always the Octagon where you can explore your jaded, adult conspiratorial side by learning all of the secret symbols that have been scattered about Washington by the Freemasons. Sounds like fun to me.....

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Updated 15 August 2005


arch.maaik is a daily comic strip about the life of an architect and the things that cross his path. To learn more, read past strips and visit their online shop, go to


Imagining Ground Zero
By Suzanne Stephens, Ian Luna
(2004) Rizzoli

A book that tries to be the comprehensive resource at this early stage of design at the World Trade Center site, a problem considering how fluid the Master Plan has been and that major pieces of the design remain in conflict or undesigned,...
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Competing Globally in Architecture Competitions
by G. Stanley Collyer
(2004) Academy Press

If you're entering all those competitions and still trying to win, then maybe it's time to give this book a try....
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The Architecture of Philip Johnson
by Philip Johnson, Richard Payne, Hilary Lewis, Stephen Fox
(2002) Bulfinch

The man who curated the International Style exhibition, legitimized Post Modernism and later Deconstructivism (if there ever really was a movement called that) also found some time to get some buildings built...
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Breaking Ground: Adventures in Life and Architecture
by Daniel Libeskind, Sarah Crichton
(2004) Riverhead Books

Whether you like Daniel Libeskind or not, you'll have to admit that he's led one fascinating life, and one that still remains interesting. This biography doesn't hold back (which means that if you're David Childs you probably won't enjoy this one)...
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The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture
(2004) Phaidon Press

A monstrously big, heavy book that very well may be the best resource of its kind you will ever see...
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Massive Change
by Bruce Mau and the Institute Without Borders
(2004) Phaidon Press

So you say you want a revolution. Massive Change is not a book about the world of design, it is a book about the design of the world, at least that's what it says on the back cover....
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Santiago Calatrava PATH Station Design
The Museum of Modern Art recently placed two models of the Santiago Calatrava PATH Station on display at the museum's temporary home in Queens... (go to NEW ArBITAT WTC Archive)

Open House New York 2004
The second annual Open House New York weekend took place October 8-9, 2004 and attracted over 50,000 visitors. The weekend consisted of 100 sites across all five boroughs of New York, places not normally opened to the public or of special historical or architectural significance... (go to article)

National Museum of the American Indian
When is a design no longer yours? If you had worked on it for years but left before all of the details were worked out is it still your design or is just some sort of horrible bastardization of your ideas? Where does your building stop and one that you had mo involvement with begin... (go to review)

NYC 2012 Olympic Village Competition
The five finalists were announced for the Olympic Atheletes Village at Hunters Point on the East River in Queens, at a site opposite the United Nations and Midtown Manhattan. Finalists include Morphosis, MVRDV and Zaha Hadid Architects... (go to article)

nArchitects Canopy at P.S.1 in Queens
Through September, 2005, a canopy designed by nArchitects will be on view at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City, Queens, New York. P.S.1 sponsors an annual Young Architects Program, a competition for a courtyard canopy for their museum with a total budget of $60,000 USD... (go to article)

US National World War 2 Memorial
The difference between what you see in pictures and print versus what was built is amazing. What most reviews seem to ignore is the space itself. The existing, renovated fountain has now become a wonderful place on the Mall, one with picture postcard views of those two more famous nearby memorials and one that somehow doesn't intrude on the relationship between them... (go to review)

Skyscraper Museum
After years of wandering around Lower Manhattan, the Skyscraper Museum in New York finally settles into a shiny new gallery in Battery Park City... The opening exhibit "Building a Collection" unfortunately shows the weaknesses of the space and the collection... (go to article)

Tom Wiscombe Canopy at P.S.1 in Queens
Through September 2003, a canopy designed by Tom Wiscobe / EMERGENT was on view at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island, Queens, New York. P.S.1 sponsors an annual Young Architects Program, a competition for a courtyard canopy for their museum with a total budget of $60,000 USD... (go to article)

Whitney Biennial in Central Park
Every two years the Whitney holds its Biennial, a reason for everyone to complain about the skill of the curators at the Whitney, the state of American Contemporary Art, or (usually) both. For the 2004 Biennial, the Whitney decided to let visitors save their 12 USD admission price and see seven contemporary art installations scattered throughout the eastern side of New York City's Central Park... (go to article)
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